Facilities and Amenities

Relaxing and Unwinding at the VILLA SICULA

From relaxing and unwinding to participating in the variety of available activities  your goals for a memorable vacation are ready to be realized here at the VILLA SICULA. Make yourself comfortable in one of the many beautiful garden areas, like the “Parco Pitrè”, named after Giuseppe Pitrè. Enjoy carefree hours by the pool, do your morning yoga in the temple or work out in the fitness room. How about a game of bocce or chess? Extras amenities like the sauna and outdoor kitchen are sure to make your stay an unforgettable experience. Throughout the property you’ll find lovingly designed and crafted details with historical and literary references. One such example is  the mosaic of Frederick II or the busts of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Karl Marx.

Color coordinated towels are provided for every occasion and activity to include the pool, fitness area, sauna and trips to the beach.

PoolWhether you want to swim your daily laps or just relax in the 16 x 40 foot infinity pool is the perfect place to cool down while enjoying absolutely fantastic views of the harbor, the islands and the cape. Enjoy a hydro-massage or workout in the pool’s counter-current system. Thanks to the latest technology, the water requires minimal chlorination and therefore is particularly gentle on the skin. For year-round enjoyment the pool is heated in the spring and autumn. An outdoor shower by the pool and the facilities of the Chapel which include a bathroom and kitchen to keep refreshments make this an ideal place to relax.
Fitness roomTrying to maintain your workout routine while on vacation? You’ll find everything you need for your fitness requirements in our well-equipped gym. You’ll train in the ambience of Greek antiquity, where the mythical heroes and athletes portrayed on the walls will provided an extra level of inspiration. A full bathroom with oversized shower is collocated next to the fitness area.
SaunaLocated on the first floor of the “chapel” near the pool, there is a state of the art 4-person sauna with adjacent shower and bathroom. The bathroom and shower facilities are ADA compliant for our disabled guests. During any season using a sauna can strengthen your cardiovascular system thereby increasing your sense of well-being.
TempleThe temple with its marble columns and copper dome is an ideal place for a concert, dancing or theatrical presentation and is equally suited for yoga or meditation as well. For the musically talented an electric piano, drums and guitar are available. The temple and its romantic setting also provides the perfect venue for weddings and other special events. The temple offers Greek arena type seating giving guests the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy the temple activities. Electrical outlets, Wi-Fi and outdoor lighting are accessible in the temple area.
Parco PitrèThe garden “Parco Pitrè” is named after the Sicilian doctor, Giuseppe Pitrè, a folklorist and collector of fairy tales. Here you can walk on the soft green lawn or relax on a bench in the shade of an olive tree. The garden boasts stunning views of the cape, harbor and the Aeolian Islands on the horizon. Electrical outlets and Wi-Fi are accessible.
ChessWith such a breathtaking view, the “Royal Game” is even more fun, as long as you don’t get distracted by the view. Have you already mastered the “Sicilian Defense”? Here you will have the opportunity to try this opening chess maneuver at the place of its origin.
BocciaThe game of Boccia is a popular game in Italy and the Italian variant has its origins in the French game of Boules. Enjoy a competitive game in the early morning or late afternoon while taking in the views and chatting and enjoying a glass of wine. The court is also perfect for a game of badminton. Equipment is provided for our guests.
GrottoThe grotto is located below the large terrace on the first floor and is suitable for celebrations and parties. In the three niches of the grotto you’ll find references to the history and culture of Sicily: in the center niche is a mosaic of Frederick II, the German Staufer emperor who grew up at the court of Palermo. In the other two niches are busts of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Karl Marx and respective quotes from both intellectual giants. At the closed end of the grotto there is a hand-crafted marble fountain depicting the head of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.
Solar systemThe VILLA SICULA has a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. On the lower edge of the property there is a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system. It provides air conditioning for the buildings in the summer and heats the pool during the cooler seasons.